Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Style: DIY Boot Socks/Cuffs

I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I had an old craft one that my mom had lent me but never got the courage to use it. Somehow, because this one was new, had instructions, and belonged to me, I was much braver about using it and dove right it. First up, boot socks for my no-longer-pirate boots! Here's a little back story. The November before last I was out shopping with my Mom and Miema. My mom was looking for a new pair of flat brown boots. She found a pair she really liked and my Miema (who just turned 74) decided to try them on as well and loved them too. After a little convincing (I was not looking to purchase anything that day, just along for the ride) they got me to try them on as well and I loved them too. So we all three bought matching boots! They were pleather, knee-high had a studded strap around the ankle, (which my mom immediately removed) and a flap that folded over the top. The best part, however, was the exposed red zipper going down the back. At first the flap was fine, but after many wearings, my flaps were starting to fly away like little wings. Here is a picture of my mom's before, minus the studded strap the she took off:
 Since she hasn't worn them quite as much as me, her flaps are still in the down-right position! When I trimmed them off I exposed the raw edges so I needed something to cover them up. I still had one sleeve left from this sweater vest project and this sweater headband project.
I took the remaining sleeve and cut the cuff and shoulder sections off and then cut the rest into two tubes. I wanted to be able to fold them over and have the seam that runs the length be on the inside, so with the original "right side" facing out, I folded about 1/2 and inch down and hemmed the bottom of my new boot cuffs.
Next, I flipped it inside out and folded another 1/2 inch over and hemmed the top of my cuff.
This way, when I slip them on and fold them over my boots, the "right side" will be showing.
Here's my date night outfit! I absolutely loved wearing this, crazy as it was!
Mustard top: A'gaci
Lace top: Target
Belt: Vanity
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Payless
Boots: French's (I kept the studs)
Owl necklace: Brought back from Nicaragua
Pearl necklace: Helzburg
Hair flower: DIY

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