Monday, January 7, 2013

Style: 5 Questions to Help You get Dressed

Ever stand in front of you closet after trying on 10 different outfits and think, "I have nothing (that I want/like) to wear!"? We've all been there. Sometimes it's a lack of basics in your wardrobe, sometimes it's a body issue, and sometimes it's just boredom with the choices. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself when getting dressed that will make the task easier and help you overcome some of those obstacles.

1. What is the weather today?
I check the weather app on my Kindle every morning before getting me and my daughter dressed for the day. This helps me to know if I need long sleeves and boots or short sleeves and sandals and that can usually narrow things down a good bit!

2. What am I doing today?
Am I cleaning the house or going to church? What kind of clothes will best suit my activities for the entire day? Once I consider the weather and my activities, I usually start with shoes. I don't like to wear the same shoes two days in a row (hurts my feet) so I often build an outfit from the ground up with the pair that I think will serve me best for the day. Once I have the shoes decided on, I try to remember if there is anything that fits the first two questions that I have been wanting to wear. I try to wear everything in my closet so I will often look for something that I haven't worn in a while so that it gets some use. If I find myself passing over an item again and again, I know it is time to toss it.

3. If the outfit modest?
Once you have your outfit on it is time to give yourself a once over in the mirror and make sure that everything is how it should be. Do you need a slip? Do you need an undershirt to make that top modest? Another good question to to think about is whether or not this outfit will be modest for your day's activities. For example, if I know I'm going to be sitting on the floor playing with my daughter somewhere besides at my home, I will opt for a full skirt rather than a straight one to make that easier.

4. Is the overall shape of the outfit attractive?
When checking the mirror for modesty, also check for balance in the outfit. A general rule is that you shouldn't pair a full top with a full bottom. Because I consider myself a little more on the full figured side, I like to always make sure that my waist is defined either by the cut of my clothes or by adding a belt. Being aware of which clothing shapes work well for you will save you a lot of time when getting dressed and keep you from looking frumpy.

5. Is the outfit interesting?
Not every outfit will get the this level and that is OK. Some days there just isn't time for that. To me, however, this is the question that makes getting dressed fun! This is where you add the jewelry or the scarf or maybe switch the shoes for something a little more fun or add a vest or cardigan. I have found that the outfits that I enjoy wearing the most are the ones that I took the time to make interesting.

Here is an example outfit with answers to all of the questions.
1. The weather? Cold - long sleeve undershirt, tights and boots. Also wore a jacket going and coming.
2. The activity? The Hubs was speaking at a youth meeting - I wanted to be casual but not look like a teenager. I had the long sleeve brown shirt, denim shirt and tan skirt all hanging on the back of the closet door to be worn again before being washed and they were just begging to be worn together.
3. It is modest? Yes. Everything that should be covered is, and I won't be doing any running around or sitting on the floor.
4. Does the fit flatter? Yes. I added the belt to cinch my waist. Without it, the top would be too full for the skirt.
5. Is it interesting? Since I was wearing all neutrals I added the scarf for some fun. I also added a hair flower and some lavender bow earrings that are hard to see in the picture.

Brown T-shirt: Discount Outlet
Denim Shirt: Sears/DIY
Skirt: Old Navy
Boots: French's/DIY
Tights: Payless
Scarf: DIY
Belt: Target
Earrings: Southern Women's Show
Hair Flower: DIY

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