Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yo-Yo Satin and Tulle Flower

This is part 4 of the LC series that I designed for my cousin for Christmas.
Start with a long piece of material, about 4 inches wide and 18 inches long. It can be something that will fray, in fact, I came up with this because I wanted to use satin. You also need a needle and thread, tulle if you like, and a hair clip and hot glue.
Fold your fabric in half and do a running stitch, making a tube that is closed at one end and open at the other. Do not cut your thread.
Flip the tube inside out.
Next, pull your thread as tight as you can so that your flower scrunches up. Tie your knot off.
Next, tie a new knot and slip your needle through the tulle and then insert the needle in between the doubled thread by the knot so that it will catch when you pill it tight.
Do another running stitch along the edge of the tulle and pull your thread tight so that it creates a circle. Tie it off.
Cut out a circle of felt.
First, glue down your tulle, then your satin rosette, leaving the end un-glued.
Next, roll up another, smaller piece of tulle so that it makes a small rosette. You do not need to stitch this one.
Glue this rosette in the middle of your satin flower, tucking it slightly under the loose end and then glue the loose end down.
Glue you hair clip to the back
You are done!

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