Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fashion Challenge - Part 1

Our family is on a three week deputation trip and this time around I decided to give myself a little challenge and make as many outfits as possible from a limited amount of clothing. You can read about it here. Here are days 1-4.

Day one was just a couple hours of travel and seeing my husband's family. I had to stay home with the Dida at Christmas as she had the chicken pox, so we decided to see them on our way up. The weather was sti;; nice.
Shirt: Ann Taylor (thrifted)
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Payless

Day two was travel and dinner with a Pastor and his family. I opted for comfort.
Shirt/Tank: Target
Cardigan: Gift from Mom (and last minute addition)
Scarf: DIY
Skirt: Liz Clairborn (thrifted)
Tights/Shoes: Payless
Day three was Sunday, two meetings, travel and it was freezing!! Lots of snow still on the ground. I also layered my trench over this.
Dress: Vanity
Sweater: Coldwater Creek Outlet
Scarf: Wal-mart
Belt: gift
Boots: Target

Day four does not exist because I was a hot mess! It just was more travel and a quick trip to Wal-mart. We stopped in Knoxville, not realizing that we would be eating right down the street from the University of TN and the Dida just happened to be wearing her UT sweat suit that my Dad bought her (it's her warmest outfit)! It was a fun coincidence.

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