Sunday, November 18, 2012

DIY Scarf

I have been wanting a leopard print scarf for the season and decided to try and make one myself. First stop was JoAnn's where I found out that they do accept Michael's coupons, just not on fabric. I found a nice leopard print jersey knit and bought 1/3 yard.
Fold your fabric in half lenth-wise so that the print is on the inside.
Starting on one of the far end, sew beginning at the fold (left side in the above picture) until you almost reach the edge. With your needle still down, lift the foot and turn your fabric 90 degrees and then continue sewing until you reach just shy of the middle. Then backstitch and repeat on the other end, leaving a hole in the middle that looks like this:
Use this hole to flip your scarf so that the print is on the outside and your seams are on the inside. Press the seams and then hand stitch the hole closed. New scarf in minutes! (Or half an hour if you are a newbie like me!)
I read a fashion blog today that said leopard print accessories work like neutrals in you outfits. What outfits/colors would you wear a leopard print scarf with?

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