Thursday, November 8, 2012

Felt Flower Pin Test Round-Up

I have loved using felt recently and decided to knock out some of the felt flower tutorials that I was planning to pin-test. For the first one, I only have a picture of my results to show you because the tutorial was awesome and there was nothing I would change about it.
My daughter is wearing a lot more black now that it is Fall and I made two so she could wear them on pigtails once her hair gets longer! I thought these pom-pom flowers were just too cute. You can find the instructions here at Craft Snob.

My next flower was a little more complicated. I found this beautiful tutorial here on "How Joyful" and although I loved it, I could not get the pattern to open for me. Then I also saw how she wants you to buy a limited production license if you are going to sell something you made from her pattern. Something about that just didn't quite rub me the right way. Either sell your pattern or don't limit how people can use it if you put it out there for free. So, I decided to make my own pattern from her idea. I doubt I will ever sell any of these, but this way, if I do, I am covered. First, I drew a petal shape that I liked and then I cut it out and traced around it until I had a good looking flower shape. I tried to make my petal shape a little different than the original. We'll call this one a poinsettia!
To make a second, larger pattern, I retraced around the first one, adding about a 1/4 inch all around as I went and adjusting the middle accordingly.
I normally just pin my pattern to my felt/fabric, but in this case as it was a little more detailed, I traced it onto the felt instead. Be sure to trace onto the non-printed side.
After you have you pieces cut out, on the back side, stitch along the "v" in each petal. It will look like this when you are done:
Once you have your flowers sewn, it's time to glue them together. I like to use a small piece of felt as a base.  Pinch your flower and put your glue around the bottom edge. Then you can arrange it a little more how you like it once you stick it down.
I really liked how these turned out! I know I will be making more!

The final flower is a spin on the second one. I loved the 3-D petals so I decided to try a 5 petal rounded one. My husband is going to Nicaragua next week and I wanted to send a gift to one of the ladies I had met there. I found a nice dress shirt but I couldn't find any jewelry I liked so I made her a flower to match instead. I started as before by drawing a petal shape I liked and then cutting it out and re-tracing it into a full flower. Then I just repeated that on a smaller scale for my second pattern.
Here are all of the pieces used to make this flower. For the small black center flower I cut out five small individual petals and hand stitched them together into a circle.
I have been adding alligator clips and safety pins to the back of many of my flowers recently so that they can pull double duty.
I really like how the rounded shape of the flower picked up the more mod-esque vibe of the print on the shirt. I also picked up some matching nail polish to complete the gift. I hope she likes it!

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