Monday, November 18, 2013

A Few Things I've Made

Baby stuff is expensive so rather than pay $10th for car seat strap covers that I didn't even like, I decided to make some! I found an easy tutorial and had all the supplies on hand. After making the first set I decided to make some more for my friend's babies. I used stuffing instead of batting and it worked just fine.

Speaking of babies, I also threw 2 baby showers and had one thrown for me. The one given for me had a book theme and my awesome friend made the paper wreath as part of the decor. I loved it so much I took it home! I also had burlap that was used as table runners left over from one of the showers so I used that to make some more wreaths to go along. Now when I see them on my walls I think of both my closest friends!

Postpartum Style

I'm trying the Blogger app on my phone for the first time as well as "typing" this post using Swipe. We'll see if I can handle it. If so, I may be back in the blogging game. My husband is using my laptop currently and it needs to be replaced anyways. I got my first smart phone a few months ago and I know I'm not using it to its full potential. Basically I use it to text, browse Facebook and play Solitaire, so here goes.

I had very little interest in style posts for a while due to having few clothes that actually fit for a few months, but Baby Belly (not sure if this is going to be her new nickname but we'll use it for now) is 5 weeks and things are getting back on track. I will be posting all about her and her birth soon. Meanwhile, I still have 10 lbs to go to get back to pre pregnancy weight so style is still a challenge. This is an outfit that I put together via Pinterest for a lunch with family and then driving to a meeting. Until further notice, all outfits will be nursing friendly.

You can see the outfit inspiration here:

Hopefully I can figure out the finest points of phone posting soon!

Denim shirt, skirt: modified, sweater: Vanity, belt: Rue 21, shoes: Payless