Friday, November 16, 2012

Wrist Pin Cushion

One of my closest friend's birthdays was coming up and I wanted to make her something. I had been over at her house working on some crafts and noticed all of the loose pins in her craft stuff. She told me that she didn't have a pin cushion. As I was thinking of what to make her I remembered that conversation and knew I had to make her one. I wanted it to be super useful so I did a Google image search for wrist pin cushions and came up with this:
My final product looks nothing like this but it as least gave me a jump off point. My friend loves the color purple so I decided to make a two tone purple daisy. I started by drawing my pattern. I needed a five petal base, accent petals and a center. I tried to keep it simple as I was going to be completely hand sewing this. I didn't want to use hot glue because I thought the pins would have a hard time going through that.
I cut two pieces of the five petal flower, five of the accent petal and one of the center. Since my flowers weren't perfect, I put a pin the the top of each one so I knew which sides aligned. And yes, I was working in the car. We were actual driving through the after-math of Super Storm Sandy and all of the snow that it had dumped on WV and MD.
Next, I started sewing everything down. I had some green thread so I thought that would be a nice contrast. I sewed my petals down one by one with a running stitch and then the center.
Then I sewed my two flower pieces together with a decorative stitch and stuffed them and tied off my thread and tucked in the ends. I had to wait until we weren't driving for the last part. At first I was going to make the wrist strap out of two hair rubber bands but I realized the ones I had were a little tight so I decided to use an elastic headband instead. I glued it down so that the metal clasp would not be showing when I covered it with felt.
I cut a small rectangle of matching purple felt and glued it over where the two parts of the headband met.
The pin cushion was done! Just slip it on your wrist and you are ready to sew!
When I was searching for ideas I came across a lot of interesting designs like an octopus or a voo-doo doll - yuck! What do you think would make a good pin cushion?

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