Friday, January 4, 2013

Style: "You can Shorten it and Wear it Again!"

Ever seen "27 Dresses"? It's a movie about a girl who is always a bridesmaid, never a bride. She wears crazy dress after crazy dress which the bride always tells her can be shortened and worn again. Instead she just stuffs them all in a closet that is about to explode. Well, today's post is about a not-so-crazy bridesmaid's dress that did get shortened and worn again! I was in the wedding of a good friend at church and the cool thing was, so was my dad! He got to walk me down the aisle a second time, only this time it was going the other way.
Before I got my sewing machine, my mom was my go-to person for all of my sewing needs and she shortened this with what I think is called a blind stitch.
Perfect for a fancy dinner/wedding or to wear to church around the holidays. My favorite part was the back!
Dress: Bridesmaid's Dress!
Shrug: Wal-mart
Belt: Wal-mart
Shoes: Payless
Earings: Target?

That night I wore it with pearls and flats (after I realized that sandals and tights was not a good idea). Also, this shrug had no closure so I have a little trick for holding it closed and hiding the pin.
First, safety pin your shrug closed.
Then, slip the prong of your belt through the middle of your safety pin.
Finally, clasp your belt and tuck the pin behind it.
This will help keep your belt in place as well

Do you have any bridesmaid's dresses that you've worn again?

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