Thursday, January 10, 2013

Style: My Top 10 Basic Shoes

I saw a Top 10 Wardrobe Staples list the other day and it got me thinking. If I suddenly had to downsize my shoe collection down to just 10 pairs for every occasion, which ones would I choose? Here are my picks! (This list does not includes things like athletic shoes or flip flops for the shower/beach).
1. Black Heels - Because I live in FL, I have much more use for sandals than closed toe heels. I only own 2 pairs of heels with a closed toe and wear them very rarely. Since being pregnant and having my daughter it is a wonder I wear heels at all, but there are some outfits that just don't look right without them.

2. Metalic Heels - Wedges, for me. These go great with all of my maxi dresses and skirts that are a little too long for flat sandals.

3. White Heels - Ok, so mine aren't exactly heels but they're close enough for me! Options 1,2 and 3 cover just about every church outfit I own.

 4. Casual Flats - Keeping in mind that I don't wear pants, these are my equivalent to cute tennis shoes that you would wear on a day when you have to do a lot of walking, or an activity like taking the kids to the park. They are just a tad bit more feminine than Toms or Sperry's but both of those would also fit this category.

5. Black Flats  - When you need to look nice but don't want to wear heels.

6. Brown Flats - When you need to look nice, don't want to wear heels and are wearing brown,

7. Brown Flat Boots - I tend to wear brown as a more casual color, so a pair of flat brown boots mostly covers all of my casual boot needs. I will most likely be getting a new pair for next season and may go for a pair that can be dressed up just a little more than these can, however.

8. Black Boots with Heels - I tend to wear black more when I am dressing up. The heels aren't too bad though so I could still do a little walking in them if need be.
9. Gold Flat Sandals - I wear a lot of bright colors, especially in the summer, so for me, gold is a better choice that brown and they match just about everything.

10. Silver Flat Sandals - These match almost everything in my entire closet. Despite the brown sole, I even wear them with black quite often and it looks fine.

Bonus Section! If I could pick a few more from my closet what would I choose?
11. Coral Flats - I wear this color a lot and have a matching belt.

12. Red Flats - A little bit of red can go a long way to make an outfit interesting.

13. Glittery Flats - Great for the holidays, and can make a casual outfit just a bit more dressy.

14. Leopard Flats - I almost picked these instead of number 6 but they wouldn't match some of my printed skirts. They can really add a lot of fun to an otherwise boring outfit though!

15. Nude Flats - Love these! My version of nude heels and they are just fun to wear!

 16. Purple Sparkly Sandals - something unexpected!

17. Yellow Sandals - These are great when you need just a touch of color!

18. Silver Heels - It's good to have an extra special pair of heels for a wedding or a special date.

19. Pink Sandals - Almost forgot to take a picture of these because I was wearing them. I LOVE this color pink and pink shoes are the best!

What shoes do you wear all of the time? Any picks from my list that you think should go or that I forgot to add?

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