Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Glitter Leaf Hair Flower

My aunt commissioned me to make some hair flowers for her to give my cousin for Christmas. She loves red, black, pink and leopard print and anything over the top. She has gorgeous blond hair that would make pretty much anything look fantastic so I was more than happy to design for her. This was my "red one". I found the glitter leaves in a bunch at the Dollar Store and cut off two that were pretty flat. I also used:
Ribbon rosettes (found in the trim section at the craft store, they come in attached in a line and you can buy as many of as few as you like. Also used in this project).
Hot glue gun
Alligator clip or pin back
 First, I cut the leaves apart and glued them down near the corner of the felt.
 Next, I started positioning the rosettes in a circle over the leaves. I wanted 5 of them to over lap slightly with a 6th in the middle. It was a little tricky with the last one. You have to leave the a little bit on the side of the first one un-glued so that you can slip the last one under it (see second photo).

Next, I glued one to the middle, as well as a gem in the center to make it pop. I was going to put gems in the center off all of them but it was a little too much so I nixed that idea. Once my glue was dry I carefully trimmed the excess felt off of the back and then glued my alligator clip down. You could also add a pin back or both! I've been adding both to everything lately as I am really starting to like wearing flowers as pins.
I loved the final result. You could make this without the leaves but I thought they gave it a little extra pizazz! 

Here is another from the LC series, a Hello Kitty Tulle Bow. More to come soon!

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