Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Winter Headband from a Sweater Sleeve

I saw this adorable headband on Pinterest. Hoping it was a tutorial I pinned it, but sadly, it was a link to a sale page. You can buy it here for $38 plus shipping. So, I decided to re-create it instead! I had a sweater that I purchased last season for $3. One of the sleeves was coming off and I had intended to fix it but then I decided I liked it better without the sleeves.
So now I had a very cute sweater vest and two extra sleeves. I decided to just hold onto them. I knew one of them was just the thing for this project. I started by flipping the sleeve inside out and taking out the seam halfway down the arm. Then I folded it over so that the sleeve was now a tube that was the same width for the whole length.I did not want to trim the fabric because that would cause the fabric to fray.
Next I hand stitched the tube in place following the edge of the seam that I had just undone. I put my left hand inside of the tube while I worked so that I would not go all the way through to the front with my needle.
When that was done I flipped it over and inserted what was previously the shoulder piece into the cuff. Then I stitched the two ends together, again being careful not to go all the way through.
Next I turned it right side out and added just a few hidden stitches in the front so that it would not gap open when stretched over my head
We will be spending a lot of time up north this winter and now I'm ready for it! I like these a little better than a hot too because they seem like they would not mess up your hair as much.
Now if I could just get my hair to look like the models!

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