Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Felt Leaf Barette

I loved the pumpkin outfit that I made my daughter so much yesterday that I decided to keep the Fall ball rolling by making another hair clip out of felt leaves. I did some online searching and came up with the photos above. After looking around a little bit I started making my pattern. First I drew my leaf and acorn shapes and then once I had them how I liked them, I cut them out. The Canadian looking leaf in the top left was the hardest to get just right. I took me 3 drawings.
 Next, I pinned my patterns to my felt and started cutting. I cut 2 of everything. Then I added a little embroidery to a few of the leaves to make them pop.
I wanted a cluster of leaves and I started playing around with patterns. At first I thought I wanted something random but then I realized that something a little more symmetrical was the best way to go. Once I had the design I wanted, I placed them on the black felt and cut around them. The black felt was going to be my base. Then I started to hot glue the leaves down. Here is a step by step:

Next I carefully trimmed off all of the excess black fabric. Then, all that was left was to glue on a clip. I decided a barrette would be sturdier in this case. You could also add a pin back so you could wear it on your shirt. I don't like to add pin backs to clips that I intend for my daughter to wear, just in case they were to come open.
Here is my daughter modeling the finished product (it's a little blurry because it is hard to catch her being still!)
I also went outside and got a little artsy with my camera. Here is a shot of all 3 of the Fall bows I have made so far this year.
I designed the sunflower bow to be stacked with the pumpkin bow or worn alone. Simply slide the clip on the back of the pumpkin through the cuff on the front of the bow. Turn your clips in opposite directions so that they don't get too bulky on one side.

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