Monday, October 15, 2012

Mod Flower Pin Test

Here is a Pin-test for a cute fabric flower brooch. I found this while checking out another Pin from this site: Gone to Earth. I really liked this one because it is completely different from almost all the other flowers I've seen. It is a little labor intensive but the result is very cute!
You can check out the tutorial here, and here is my version as a pin for my mom's coat.
I really liked the flower but I would make a few changes.
1. My flower came out massive, so I might scale it down a little next time.
2. If you look at the tutorial, there is a step in the petal making process where you put a few stitches in the back of the petal and then snip off the pointy ends. Then you thread all of the petals together. I had a problem with my thread slipping through the petals when I strung them together so I decided to hot glue them directly onto the circle of felt instead. If you are going to hot glue your petals I would still suggest stitching each petal to hold it together, but I would try to go though all of the fabric with your needle, not just the back edges. I would also not snip off the excess as it gives you more surface for your glue.
3. Instead of using a fabric covered button I just made a little yoyo in one of my fabrics and glued that in the center.

I will be making another one soon!

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