Monday, October 22, 2012

DIY Pumkin Outfit

I love all of the pictures I see of little girls dressed up in holiday outfits like this one:
I can't, however, imagine spending $57 on an outfit like this, or even having something that my daughter will only wear once! So I decided to come up with a different idea. My daughter has a very extensive wardrobe that consists almost entirely of hand-me-downs or clothes that were gifted to her. I try to work with what we have. Right now she has one white onesie and one cream one. I wanted to make her something cute like this, but I also wanted to make her a Christmas one and a pumpkin one. After thinking about it a little I asked my husband, "How would you attach something to clothes that you wanted to take off easily when you were done?", and he suggested that I hand sew it down lightly. Not sure why I didn't think of that simple solution myself. Here is how you can make a temporary Pumpkin decoration and matching hair bow yourself. 

For this project you will need:
Scrap Paper
Stick Pin
Needle and contrasting thread
Matching onesie or shirt
Hair Clip (if you want to make a matching hair bow)
Hot Glue Gun

First, I did a little searching and came up with these pictures on Pinterest:
I liked the colors from the first picture, the layering from the second picture and the leaf on the third picture. With that in mind, I started developing a pattern. I got some scrap paper and drew up my design. Then I cut it out and traced it again onto the paper.
I went back to my first piece and cut out the middle. This allowed me to get the two pieces I needed for my layers. I drew a leaf from the picture and cut it out as well. I also labeled the pattern pieces intermediately so that I would always know which side was up. Here is the completed pattern:
The next step was to cut out my felt. I like to use a stick pin to hold the pattern in place while I am cutting. I decided to make the middle piece dark yellow so that it would stand out more. I also cut out a small rectangle of brown for the stem.
Next, just hot glue it together! I also cut out the pieces for my matching hair clip so that I could glue them all at one time. For the hair clip I cut a base out of black felt to make it a little stronger.
The last step is to hand stitch your decoration to your shirt. I chose a contrasting yellow thread and just did a running stitch all the way around the outside edges.
Now, when Fall is over, I can just snip it off! If I am gentle with it, I can save it and sew it to another shirt next year! I plan to make a turkey for Thanksgiving and something else for Christmas all on the same onesie that can be re-used again next year. What is your favorite holiday to dress up for?

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