Saturday, October 13, 2012

Candle Cover with Felt Flower Pin Test

One of my best friends just moved into her first house and I wanted to get her a house-warming gift. I found a candle I liked at Wal-mart, but who wants to look at an ugly label? So I decided to make it a cover. I had a felt flower tutorial that I had been wanting to try and decided this was the perfect opportunity.
I got a piece of gold ribbon and measured the circumference of the candle so that it over-lapped a little. 

I had some sticky backed felt. I cut a piece that would cover the label, so that I could use it to both secure my ribbon and have something to attach my flower to.
Now I had a base for my flower.
I took a look at the tutorial and I wanted to make mine a bit smaller so I cut the dimensions in half. I made a pattern to help me cut my petals.
I also only cut half of the amount of petals and only enough to make two rows. Here is everything I needed to make my flower. The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory so I will spare you the details. Be careful when gluing though. I burned myself pretty good making this. Just take your time.
Even though I made the flower half size, it still turned out huge! I really liked it thought and I hope my friend does too. The best part is that you can easily move it from one candle to another.

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  1. I love the candle! Thanks for helping to make my first house feel more like a home. :)


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