Friday, October 12, 2012

Enhanced Box Cake Pin Test

If you have been on Pinterest any length of time, you have most likely seen a Pin like this:
It's pretty simple to do and you can see the website with full instructions here. Basically, add 1 to 2 more eggs, replace the water with milk and replace the oil with melted butter and double it. Otherwise, follow the box. For my yellow box cake from Aldi, that called for 4 eggs, a stick of butter and a cup and a quarter of whole milk. That's a lot of stuff to add to an otherwise cheap dessert! At first I wasn't impressed. I tried the cake the night I baked it and it didn't seem much better than a normal cake. The real staying power of this recipe, though, was discovered the next day. Somehow, overnight, the cake actually got better! The next day, it really did have that bakery taste. It was stored in an airtight container overnight and perhaps that made the difference.
The frosting was chocolate buttercream. It was the first recipe I found when I googled for it. It was very easy and turned out really tasty! I had originally planned to cut it in half but then I realized that I wasn't going to have enough. I ended up using the same amount of everything but the butter. I only used one stick instead of two but it turned out fine. So, in the end, I think I would do this again! If you going to have cake it might as well be good!

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  1. I know someone with 27 sticks of butter in her refrigerator if you need some...salted, unsalted and margarine...


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