Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review

My best friend gave me a planner for my birthday last year with space to write in every day, and I decided to use it like a journal. I wrote something that happened every day as well as anything big we had going on, like church meetings. I was consistent enough that there are only a few days with question marks for the whole year. I was reading through it today and wrote down some of the big events. I also counted 70 churches that we were in this year for meetings or conferences. Here are our highlights from 2012!

1/1 - Dedicated The Dida to the Lord at church
1/12 - The Dida's first zoo trip (My mom has worked here for 6 years)
1/14 - The Dida's first table food
2/13 - Toured the USS North Carolina
2/21 - Visited Washington DC - Air and Space Museum, Botanical Gardens, Capitol Building, and the Library of Congress (my favorite!)
2/28 - Busch Gardens in Tampa
3/13-14 - Philadelphia, PA - Walked downtown, Chinatown, Liberty Bell, had real philly cheesesteakes, and ran the "Rocky Steps"
 3/17 - Wore a Saree for the first time
3/19 - New York - Ground Zero, Times Square, the subway, The FAO Swartz store, and Tiffany's
3/24 - Lookout Mountain, Chatanooga, TN

4/2 - Zoo in Columbia, SC
4/8 - Easter
4/26 - The Dida's first trip to the beach
5/11 - "Princess" Mother's Day Banquet (my first as an official Mama!)
5/25 - Concord, MA
5/28 - First trip to the ER with the Dida
6/16-17 - Lost my wedding ring in SC and found it 24 hours later in GA - a real "God Moment" in my life
7/24 - Zoo with my Aunt and Cousin

8/31 - Started this blog! First Post!
9/5 - The Dida started walking!
9/8 - Downtown Disney 
9/12 - The Dida turned 1! - How to make that hair flower
9/13 - The Hubs turned 28!
9/15 - The Dida's first birthday party - Party Details
 9/22 - Lake Erie
 9/25 - Hershey's World of Chocolate
 10/6 - Sight and Sound - Jonah
10/28-30 - Rode out Hurricane Sandy in a "haunted" historic hotel
11/12 - Dropped Jeremy off at the airport to fly to Nicaragua and had another "God Moment" on the drive back to my grandparent's house - The full story
11/22 - Thanksgiving and my Grandma's 75th birthday
 12/8 - I turn 26!
 12/19 - The Dida gets the chicken pox :(
12/25 - Christmas at home

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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