Thursday, December 6, 2012

Movie Review: Tangled

I was just given this movie as an early birthday present. My grandma and I sat down and watched it the next day! I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it. I enjoyed it again, except this time I watched it with the eyes of a mama. I can't believe the difference being a parent makes when it comes to the things you see on TV. Since this is my first movie review, here is what I plan to include in each one: the basic story line (from my POV), what I didn't like and what I did, the age I would let my daughter watch it and (maybe) any plot holes that I think need to be addressed or find funny.

Story Line: A magic flower heals a dying queen right before she gives birth to a daughter who inherits the flower's magic healing power. A greedy old woman had been hoarding the flower for herself to keep herself young. Realizing that the princess still had that power, she steals her in the night and raises her as her own daughter, locking her in a tower and never letting her leave. One day a thief seeks shelter in the tower and the two set off to see the one thing the princess has always wanted to see, the magical lights that always fill the sky on her birthday. Calamity and love ensue.

What I liked: I adore the music in this movie. I think Mandy Moore (whom I appreciate for her work in "A Walk to Remember") does an excellent job voicing Rapunzel. The character is sweet and charming without any guile. I like the opening song where she talks about what she does in a day. I especially like the scene where she is torn between enjoying the world outside her tower and disobeying her "mother". I also like the love and affection she gives her "mother" even though she doesn't seem to get much in return. You think she would be more of a brat being raised by someone like that. The animation in this movie is beautiful. The scene with the lanterns is absolutely breath taking and that is saying something for a non-live action picture. Also, I love how the King and Queen never give up on their daughter and the scene where they reconnect makes me cry. Every time.

What I didn't like: The bar scene at the "Snuggly Duckling", especially since we are supposed to root for them. Little kids won't know what is in the mugs but I really think they could have done this differently for a kids movie. And the old guy in the diaper? What is that all about? Not necessary. Also, I don't like that Eugene, the love interest, is a thief. He does repent and suffer consequences for his actions, albeit short lived ones. I don't like when Eugene tells Rapunzel that a little rebellion is good, even healthy. You could argue, however, that in context, he is really trying to guilt her into going back home so he does not have to help her. Doesn't exactly score more points for him though. At least he comes through in the end. Lastly, I'm not too crazy on the mystical magic flower but I do like the fact that there is no witch-craft involved in it. It can be easily explained as just a made up, fun story. It is nice to have a Disney movie where the main bad character isn't a witch.

Age I would let the Dida watch it: Any. She was in the room for part of this viewing. I will explain parts of it when she is older.

Plot Holes: They don't really show anybody looking for the lost princess. Perhaps they thought we would assume they did, but I know I would be doing a whole lot more than releasing lanterns if my daughter was stolen out of my bedroom window. It seems these people aren't very good at finding things. Also, how does a 4 month old remember the mobile in her crib? And lastly, why isn't her hair a complete mess all of the time? The braid that the little girls give her seems like it should be twice as big as it turns out to be.

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