Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flower Topiary

This year at Thanksgiving it worked out perfectly for us to be at my grandparent's house for the holiday. My parents came up as well and most of our family was able to be together. We had the meal at my aunt's house because it was also my Grandma's 75th birthday! My grandma had bought some fall decorations dirt cheap for the event and this is what I came up with to use them.
My grandma has a craft closet that is like shopping at Michael's so everything I needed was handy. Here is what I started with:
A styrofoam topiary
Fake Flowers
Glue gun
Ribbon for the "pot"
First, I glued wide ribbon around the base of topiary so that it looked kind of like a flower pot. I just glued a little as I went and then pressed it down, working my way around slowly. Then I used a thinner ribbon to make it look like the lip of the pot, as well as to cover up where I had to fold the wide ribbon to make it lay flat.
Next, I cover the rest of the exposed styrofoam in fake leaves. I did one row at a time all the way around so that it kind of had a pattern.
After that I glued on the flowers. To make them lay flat I disassembled them and cut off the extra plastic stem. Then, I glued them back on, one layer at a time. This allows you to make them stand out or lie as flat as you like.
Use as many flowers as you like! I used a few smaller coordinating flowers to fill in the gaps between big flowers and just kept gluing until it looked like I wanted it to. When my cousin saw it and said she liked it and asked my aunt where she got it, I had my validation that it looked good!
This would look good with any kind of flower for any season and was so easy to make! Because we had a lot of stuff on hand and got the rest on clearance, this only cost $2 to make! Would you put a flower topiary in your home?

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