Saturday, December 1, 2012

Felt Butterfly Pin

This is what I made my Grandma for her 75th birthday. I thought so much about it that by the time I finally made it, it came together rather quickly. I started by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing a pattern and then cutting it out so that both sides were even.
Next, I cut out two copies of it in dark purple felt. On the front I hot glued pieces that I had cut out, as well as some jewels. I made the cut out pieces the same size by folding my felt in half and cutting both at once. I tried to keep it simple so it wouldn't be overwhelming.
Next, I sewed the two pieces together. I like to use a stitch that is kind of like a knot. It adds a nice decorative edge. To make this stitch, first pass your needle through both pieces of fabric. As you pull the thread through the fabric, put your needle through the the loop of thread and then pull it tight and repeat all the way around.
I went all the way around until I only had a small opening and then I stuffed it with some batting and then closed the hole. Lastly, I hot glued a pin back on the back. Done! It is pictured with a matching sweater that went on a great sale right before her birthday!
Happy Birthday! Do you give handmade gifts for special occasions?

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