Tuesday, December 4, 2012

50th Post! New Name and New Feature

I can't believe this is my 50th post! I never thought I would make it to this mile stone so quickly.
First, presenting the new name - "Lilouwyn The Traveling Housewife". When I first started blogging I just needed a name to get started. I think the new name is a little more fitting for what my blog has become. In the last 49 posts, 14 were recipes and a whopping 25 were craft tutorials (16 original to me!). There was one household DIY post and one style post, a few opinion posts and a few personal stories. In the future I plan to keep doing pretty much more of the same. I do plan to do book and movie reviews as well, it's just that I've been so busy doing all that other stuff I haven't had as much time for reading/TV. One section I would like to focus a little more on however, is filling a gap that I see in a lot of fashion blogs and that is fashion done modestly. I am going to start featuring some of what I wear from day to day. I love clothes and I truly believe that you can be modest and still look cute and modern. Any outfits that I post will feature either something that is trending right now, something that I made (with either a link or tutorial) or a way to wear something modestly. The difference is that you won't be seeing any cleavage, bra straps, too short hemlines or too tight skirts. Or pricey designer pieces - I love a good bargain and rarely spend more than $10 on one item unless it is shoes. I hope you enjoy this new feature. Here's a little something to get started:

Animal print skirt styled 2 ways:
The first outfit features 3 trends: animal print, mustard yellow and a bubble necklace made famous by J. Crew. The shirt had belt loops so the belt was a no brainer, plus, it helps define my waistline. The boots make the outfit more cold weather appropriate. I was a little scared to try mustard yellow but I have found that it acts almost like a neutral and I don't think I will have any problem working in into my wardrobe.
Shirt: A'gaci
Necklace: Versona Accessories
Belt: Coldwater Creek Outlet
Skirt: Ross
Boots: Target
The second look also features animal print and a bubble necklace, as well as lace detail and a peplum. Typically you would not want to pair a full peplum top with a full skirt if you are thin, but girls with a little more curve can pull this off. The belt helps balance things a little as well. Also a thicker strap tank hides the bra strap under those lace sleeves. You would not want a spaghetti strap tank with this outfit.
Shirt: JCP (gift card or else I wouldn't shop there)
Necklace: Rue 21 ($2 on clearance!)
Tank: Wal-mart
Belt: JCP (gift)
Skirt: Ross
Flats: Payless

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