Wednesday, December 26, 2012

DIY Felt Initial Decorations

I made these as Christmas ornaments for my grandparents and my aunt and uncle this year. I would have made more but time got away from me. They would also make a great house warming gift if made in non-Christmas colors. Maybe something to match the new home-owners decor?
What you need:
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue (optional)
Twine or Ribbon
Pen and Paper

Start by drawing out your letter. You will want to make it fairly thick. Mine was about 6 inches tall and about an inch thick all around.
Cut out your pattern and pin it to your felt. I decided to trace the middle sections to make it easier to be more accurate with my cutting.
The easiest way to cut out the middle is to pinch a little section and make a cut and then use that opening to cut out the rest.
Cut two pieces for each ornament.
Next, hot glue a loop of twine, ribbon or yarn to the inside of the top of one piece. I prefer to glue it to the back piece so that you won't be able to see a hard spot from the glue.
Next, stitch you two pieces together, leaving an opening for your stuffing. Because of the way this was shaped I kind of had to stuff a little and sew a little as I went.
Lastly, add some embellishments if desired. I cut the leaves and circles out of more felt and add some gems to my grandma's. You could add just about anything!
These would be great for a new baby, newly-weds, a family moving into a new house, etc. Be sure to comment if you make one!

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