Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yard Sale Finds!

One of my closest friends and I went yard-saling today and boy did we have fun! For $14.50 here's what I came home with:
3 outfits, a "poofy" slip and a pair of precious pink shoes for my daughter, $1 each
A sweat and matching hat for the neighbor's boy also for $1
A brown Calvin Klein skirt for my which I promise is in the picture for $1
A really fun but completely impractical turquoise bridesmaid-esque ensemble for $3 (I plan to wear the skirt portion at some point)
And the best 2 finds of the day:
The talking Dora back pack with accessories for .50 and the complete Thomas the Train set (also for the neighbor boy who LOVES Thomas) for, get this, $3. He just had a Thomas Birthday party but his mom, who is also a very close friend didn't want to shell out the astronomical price that they ask for these things new, so she got a non-electric, and very cute, Target brand set instead. So you can understand my joy at finding this electric set at such a good deal! And my daughter already loves the Dora play set too!
The last thing I got is the Vera Bradley Backpack that I got for $1 as well. It is in need of some big-time TLC and I plan to cover the restoration process here once it is complete.

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