Friday, September 28, 2012

Celtic Knot Jersey Headband Pin Test

Here is another Pin Test, but sadly I do not have the original link for this one, just the Pin itself:
It was very easy to follow, much better than any written directions I could do for something like this. I had some old Gerber sleepers that I will not be re-using for a future child (not a good fit). I held on to them for the fabric because they were pretty colors and very soft. 
I took out the zippers and saved them for later use. Then I cut two fat strips from the shoulder to the heel. The Pin shows you using a loop of a t-shirt, so, not being sure if that was necessary I cut a slit down the middle of each strip. It did make the process a little easier, but your pieces do not have to be attached for this to work right. You don't even need 4 strips. Any even number could work. Being perfectly neat is also not necessary because of what you will be doing next.

 When working with jersey (t-shirt fabric) for a project like this, it is important to stretch it. Take both ends and just pull it as hard as you can. This will make the fabric curl and you won't see the un-hemed edges. You will also have a lot more to work with. See the difference:
 Now, just follow the picture directions above! This was so simple and came out looking very cute! I like it because I don't need to add an extra embellishment, it's already there! I might add just a few stitches to the inside to help it keep it's shape. My 1 year old pulled it off of her head and played with it and it took quite a bit of maneuvering to get it back how I wanted it again. A few stitches will keep her from having her way with it again. Also, if I make this again, I think that I will start with one side that is longer than to other so that the knot ends us a little off center and then the part with the closure will be centered at the back of her head.

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