Friday, September 21, 2012

Re-useable Dryer Sheets Pin Test

I have been toying with the idea of making my own dryer sheets ever since I came across the idea on Pinterest. I never liked the idea of spending money on something that seemed a little pointless to me. I felt the same way about fabric softener as well until I started using the Downy kind pictured above. That was acquired by accident in one of those "buy these 3 things, get a $5 Target gift card". I wasn't paying attention and thought I was buying detergent. I think I even washed a load or two with it until my husband pointed out that it wasn't laundry soap! I ended up liking the way it made the laundry smell though.

So, back to the dryer sheets. I finally ran out of the ones I had (I tear them in half and still use them for two loads sometimes, hence a box will last me a long time) so it was finally time to try the DIY method. I went on Pinterest to look for instructions and found this site and this "earth-mama-ish" site and ended up doing a combination of the two. The first site called for old wash cloths and Fabreeze. I have an abundance of wash cloths so I picked out 4 matching ones but I did not cut them up as the site suggested. The other site called for fabric softener and an old baby-wipes container. I really liked the idea of the baby wipes container because it was super easy to open and close. 

 All I did was place my wash cloths in the container and pour some fabric softener over the top. Don't use enough to completely cover them, just enough to get them wet.

Then I added enough warm water to cover them and then shook the container. Water is needed to help the rags absorb the solution. Use warm water to help the fabric softener dissolve. When it is time to dry the laundry I just ring out the rag slightly and add it to the load. Once the load is finished I pull the rag out and add it back the container. I don't add fabric softener to my wash any more so now I am saving money that way too! I did notice that the DIY dryer sheets didn't take out the static cling so I may do some experimenting and see what I can come up with to fix that. If I find something that works I will post an update.

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