Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walmart Bag Holder Pin Test

Want to go from this:
 to this?
This Pin-test will show you how! I had a ton of bags taking up valuable real estate in the cabinet under the sink and had been looking for a solution. I pinned this and finally had an afternoon to give it a try. I started by organizing my bags by type. I wasn't sure if you could roll different sizes together, but after completing the process I don't think it would make a difference as long as the sizes were similar.

Once you have gathered your bags start prepping them by flattening them and folding them in half, getting as much air out as possible.
Then, lay them end to end so that they over lap slightly. Turn up the handle of your first bag so that you will have something to pull on when you want to "dispense" a bag.
Then start rolling! Don't worry about being super tight (that will make the bags hard to pull apart) but do try to get as much air out as you can. I found that I had to pull a few out and start over because they kept mysteriously getting air in them. Keep adding bags as you go until you are out of bags or have the size roll you need to fit your container.
I reduced a mountain of bags into just two little rolls! Now if I can just try to remember to take my re-useable bags with me when I go shopping. They are only sitting perfectly positioned in a basket right by the front door.
I didn't want to leave my wipes container plain so I got some fabric that I liked and pulled out the glue gun. I cut a piece that was the circumference of the container but a little longer so that I could fold it over the bottom.
Then I just hot glued it on. I wasn't worried about perfection here as this was going to get tossed in the car. I have TONS of scrap fabric lying around, so I just figured, why not? Here is the bottom:
I took an extra strip of the material and covered up the seam and the opening on the bottom. You could also use a piece of ribbon, I just didn't want to go in Dida's room to get it and risk waking her up from her nap!

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