Monday, September 3, 2012

I Need Glasses

I have an eye exam in the morning. Shortly after I started driving, I noticed that I couldn't see the roads very clearly at night so I went and had my eyes checked and got a pair of specs with a minor prescription to wear ONLY while driving in the rain or at night. I have not been extremely faithful to them but I always knew they were there if I needed them. Fast forward a decade. I was driving on the highway in the rain during the day and decided to pop them on. The rain stopped and I took them off. Whoa! What just happened? I totally had a Spider Man moment, but in reverse. I started putting them on and taking them off, checking out the license plate in front of me. Since when had the world lost it's edges? I couldn't not believe how much clearer I could see with them on. So, I went home and made an appointment. In the two weeks or so that I have had to wait I have had a slight incident with a traffic barricade (thankfully I hit it with the mirror that was already scraped up) and this morning when I went to my parent's house I thought that the black and white towel on my mom's head was a purple pirate hat. As we walked up the sidewalk I kept looking at her trying to figure it out. Was it a joke? Why was she wearing that? Nope, no joke. She was just drying her hair. Yep, time for an eye exam alright. ARRRRR!!

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