Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rosette Bib Necklace Tutorial

Bib necklaces have been big this year and they couldn't be easier to make! You only need a few basic materials for my version!
You will need:
Rosette Trim
Coordinating thread and needle
Hot Glue
Gems (optional)

I went to Hobby Lobby with a friend to shop on their support day and ended up finding a spool of this beautiful trim on sale for about $3. I had worked with it before so I knew its potential as well as the great deal I was getting on it! This is the first project I came up with. I started by cutting them apart and laying a pattern down on my felt. Once I had them arranged I pinned them down to keep them in place.
Next, I took my needle and thread and stitched them down, being careful not to let my stitches show in the front.
Then I carefully trimmed the excess felt off and after making two squares from the scraps, I used them to secure my ribbon for the tie, which I hot glued in place.
I decided the front needed a little something so I added some gems with hot glue to the center of each rosette.
This isn't the best picture to showcase it but at least you get an idea of the size. If you make your ribbon long enough they you can raise or lower it to match your neckline.
I can't wait to wear it again once we're home with a more springy ensemble!

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