Monday, April 15, 2013

Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet Review

So, I've been looking for new content lately as I have not been cooking, crafting or feeling like taking a lot of outfit pics much (a 10 week trip away from home will do that to you) so I decided to start exploring new areas of interst. Today I bring you my first restaurant review! The hubs and I like to eat. When we get the chance we are "budget" foodies (in our own minds at least!). So when we saw this sign we thought it had some great potential!
Not sure if you can read the sign but Pizza Hut was offering a $4 lunch buffet that included pizza, pasta, salad and dessert! For our little family of three, usually the cheapest we can get away with is about $11 at McDonalds. Sometimes. So we knew this could be really good. And it was!

 The buffet was well stocked. They brought out 2 new pizza's while we were there even though it wasn't that busy. The quality was also better than I was expecting. The pasta was really good with lots of cheese and there was a pot of marinara sauce for the bread sticks.
The salad was huge. Instead of a salad bar they offered pre-made ones with your choice of dressing. If we had know how big there were going to be we would have split one! And the best part?
Our daughter got to chow down for free! I love that! The hubs ordered a soda so with tip, we all walked away full and happy for about $14! For us that is success! Without a drink one person could probably do it for about $5.50 which is cheaper than a combo at McDonald's. I also did not see anything that said this was M-F only so this could be great for a group on a Sunday afternoon. If we see another $4 sign we will be stopping again!

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