Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking up Toddler Shorts

My sweet girl has a dream body: tall and slender. Except that she's 19 months. Apparently the perfect baby in her size range in short and fat! Usually leggings just come off as skinny pants on her. So when it come to buying her new stuff in the next size it either has to be a dress or leggings, or I have to fix it. When we tried a new pair of 24 month shorts on her she literally walked right out of them. Hence this quick tutorial on how to take up the waist in shorts (which would also work for pants and some skirts). The shorts in question have a flat front with an elastic back. You will only need a needle, thread and scissors for this, as well as minimal hand sewing skills. Straight pins would also be handy but I did not have any on hand.
 To save space in our car I left my craft stuff at home and only brought a tiny sewing kit from the dollar section at Target, but even it is sufficient for this project.
First, locate the outside seam of the shorts. Determine how much you need to take up and then make a pleat. I used the belt loops on the shorts as a guide.
You will want the fabric to overlap in the direction of the outside rather than towards the middle. Next, hand sew along the top edge of your fold and secure with a knot. I just followed the stitching that was already there.
I was going to sew along the side as well, but the inch or so of stitching across the top was sufficient. Plus, this gave the shorts a cute "poofy" look. You may want to sew more down if you are altering boys shorts. Do a mirror image on the other side of what you just did and you are done!
Then, when your child grows, you can easily take a seam ripper to your stitching!

Once we get home I plan to go through my daughter's summer clothes from last year and give you some examples of how to lengthen things.

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