Friday, April 12, 2013

Easter 2013

I know I'm a little late on this one but it has been a busy week. (I'm actually even later now that planned because the internet went out earlier this week when I was going to post this!) Easter was not "normal" for us this year. Instead of being at our home church participating in the drama and having a relaxing lunch with my family we woke up in a hotel and gave our daughter her Easter Basket, had McD's for breakfast, drove 2 1/2 hours, dropped into a church, ate lunch at Captain D's, drove 3 more hours and had a meeting. Then we went home with someone we had just met and had dinner with them and stayed the night at their house. I am NOT complaining, but it was a little overwhelming and I was more than a tad homesick. I usually only get homesick for 2 reasons. 1) My daughter is sick or having a hard time while we travel, 2) I get to missing my family and my church. As crazy as all of that sounds however, there were a lot of good things to the day too! Our daughter LOVED her Easter basket and look precious in her dress which meant a lot to me.
 Also, Captain D's was actually pretty good. They have these new fish tenders that are not overly breaded and come with a pretty tasty sauce. I always get a baked potato and mac-n-cheese or a steamed vegetable. It's our place to go for when we feel like a nicer meal at a cheaper price. Our evening meeting also went really well with a good chance of support and the couple that we stayed with was very nice and she was a great cook! This is us, after 5 hours of driving, before our evening meeting. I got to wear a new dress too!
I'm still in the "fat" stage of pregnancy
We also got to do our daughter's first Easter egg hunt the next day. During her nap I hid some eggs inside (it was too cold to go out) and when she woke up we showed her what to do and she loved it, especially after she realized that the eggs had something good inside!
It turned out to be a pretty good Easter after all!

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