Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrap Dress to Skirt Tutorial

 I recently bought this dress from the flea market. The cut and the polka dots spoke to me, but when I tried it on at home, the fit didn't! So, I decided to turn into a skirt. I laid it out flat to get an idea of where to cut it.
Once I had a plan, I chopped the top of the dress off.
I too some straight pins and pinned down where I wanted to bring the two sides together. The front hem was cut at an angle so I sewed down to the ruffle and then took it off the machine and pinned again before stitching the rest.
I turned it inside out and cut the extra fabric from the overlap away so that it wouldn't create extra bulk.
Then I got some black elastic out and measured it around my waist and stitched the ends together.
Next I pinned it to my skirt. To do this, I started where I stitched the elastic and lined that up with one of the side seams. Then I folded both pieces in half and pinned where the halfway marks lined up. I continued this process, folding both in half and adding pins, until I had 8 pins.
Next, I sewed the elastic to the skirt. You have to stretch the elastic as much as you can between pins so that the stretch will be right. Finished!
I decided to wear it to church that week.
Sweater: Coldwater Creek
Tank: Wal-mart
Belt: Target
Tights/ Flats: Payless
Jewelry: Southern Women's Show and Flea Market

And yes, I was wearing a Hello Kitty necklace and earrings! Love it!

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