Monday, February 25, 2013

Style Challenge - Part 4

Days 19-21

Day 15: I Since I only had a few days left I had to do the last of my reader outfits. This was worn for a trip into town to go to Olive Garden and the Dollar Store!

Day 16: Another reader outfit, but I had to switch to boots because of the snow! This day we just went to Wal-mart and Sheetz for a sub.

Day 17: Another reader outfit. This was a busy day of travel, drop in, travel, and a meeting! We were taken to the Original Bob Evan's Restaurant. It was the nicest Bob Evan's I've ever been to.

Day 18: Also, a reader outfit, but I was not up to a real picture! This was a travel day, finished by a trip to a huge mall right by the Pentagon for dinner.

Day 19: This is the last reader outfit and the last day that I got a picture of. We stayed at a hotel near Washington D.C. and spent the morning and early afternoon going to see the White House, Lincoln Monument and the American History Museum. I picked up the scarf as a souvenir!

My last 2 days I still managed not to repeat any outfits, making the challenge a success. I think the hardest part wasn't repeating, but getting the pictorial proof! I also realized that I could have done it with even less clothes, especially if I was willing to repeat.

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