Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Blogging For Books - Free Books!

A friend recently posted on her blog, Alex Marie, about a website she had heard about at a conference called Blogging for Books. The concept of the website it that they send you a book or an e-book and if you read it and review it within an adequate time frame, they send you another one. I decided to give it a try. My first book was a Christian romance.
Here is my review:
If I had realized that before I finished it, some things would have made a lot more sense. I make it a point to never start in the middle of a series for this reason alone. Beyond that, I did enjoy the story. I read it very quickly while traveling and I could easily see the scenes unfolding in my mind.

I enjoyed the love story aspect of the book. The reluctant suitor was a true gentleman and a good man at heart. The heroine reminded me a little of Emma, by Jane Austin. She meant well but had a way of messing things up in pursuit of her own interests. She was also much more selfish than she realized at first. I also enjoyed the time frame that the book was set it as I find details of life from other time periods fascinating.

I wish that faith, and an explanation thereof, would have been a little more prominent in the story, however. I think if I had read the first two books in the series already then that might have been explained a little bit better. I also thought that the resolution happened very quickly and a little awkwardly, but again, this might be explained by no knowledge of the previous stories. This was a quick and amusing read, but I would recommend reading the first books first!

If you decide to sign up with Blogging for Books, make sure you read everything and follow all of the steps to save yourself a headache. I recommend checking out the FAQ's.

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