Friday, March 8, 2013

101 Posts! And a New Name

I accidentally let post 100 come and go! So, we'll celebrate post 101 instead. Once again it is time to go in another direction, at least for a little while. I have decided to drop the "Lilouwyn" from the title and shorten it to just "The Traveling Housewife". Also, due to being a lot more heavy on the traveling part right now, I am going to be doing more posts related to that instead of the craft and cooking stuff that I enjoy so much. I may even write about my personal life a little more often. With that in mind, here's what's going on in our family currently.
We left our home at the end of February and won't be back until the beginning of May. That's about 10 weeks of living out of our car and suitcases! Sometimes we are in a place for 4-5 days, sometimes just one night. I think the longest we are in any place during this whole trip is 5 or 6 nights. Sometimes we stay in hotels, sometimes in houses or rooms that churches provide, and sometimes with families that we just met. Unless we have been there before we usually walk in knowing very little of what to expect. With little exception, things are usually great and families and churches are very sweet and kind to us. It's an adventure.
Awesome views of NYC without actually going there!
While traveling, we also get to see a lot of things that we normally wouldn't get to. Already on this trip we were near NYC and attempted to see the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, it was closed (who knew it closed?) so we settled for Hoboken and Carlo's Bakery from The Cake Boss instead. It turned out to be a nice trade off!
In this trip we will be going all over the north to visit churches in NJ, OH, TN, MI, KY, IL, IN and PA! We are supposed to be going to a showing of Sight and Sound's "Noah" as well as seeing a city we really enjoyed before, Philadelphia.
So what does that mean for my blog? Well, I didn't pack a lot of clothes, I didn't pack any craft supplies and I doubt I'll be in the position to do any fancy cooking so unless something comes up unexpectedly. Until May I will probably just be telling of our little adventures instead.  

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