Friday, March 22, 2013

Style: Fun with Orange

I have not felt like taking pictures much lately, nor have my outfits been very interesting either (more on that later, perhaps). I am not in the cute baby bump stage yet, not even close! With my daughter I could easily have hid my pregnancy up until at least 6 months and really didn't start to show significantly until around 7 months, and I'm wondering if this kid will be the same. So, I decided to pull out some old outfit photos that I never got around to posting, both featuring orange. I love this color! It's so fun and vibrant (I'm actually wearing it right now)! If you're afraid to wear brighter colors, like orange, try introducing them in small doses, like a tank or necklace at first, until you get used to them.

Sweater/Belt - Target
Skirt - Dress bought at Southern Women's Show remade into skirt
Boots - French's
Necklace - Sears

Vest - Charlotte Russe - love the back!
Lace Top - JC Penny
Belt - Rue 21
Skirt - Walmart dress made into skirt
Shoes - Rack Room Shoes
Necklace - Premier
Watch - Target

I enjoyed wearing both these outfits! I really have fun in my closet when it is available to me!

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