Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fabric Flower Necklace

You need:
Needle and Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Beads, Gems or Buttons for center (optional)

I have had this tutorial in my stash since before Christmas, as I intended it as a possible gift, but I never got around to making more than the first one. I saw the above Pin on Pinterest and fell in love. I knew that it would be a very simple DIY with endless possibilities for customization. Finding out that it was from Anthropologie was just icing on the cake! To start, I made several flowers, two in each size using these directions. I ended having to make two extra because my original 5 were too big. I would go smaller than you think at first, as you can always go bigger. Then I arranged them on the corner of a piece of felt and glued them down.

 Next, I trimmed the excess felt off. Then I glued on some ribbon to the corners and topped it with a small square of felt for extra security. Play around with the angle of your ribbon before gluing it down so you know it will lay right.
Done! I didn't have a good outfit to model it with at the time, but once I am home, I think this will be an adorable accessory for summer! Also, if your ribbon is long enough then you can raise or lower it to look right with your neckline.

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