Friday, July 26, 2013

Date Night!

Because we have traveled sooo much in the last several months, the last time we went out without our daughter was in April. And that wasn't actually a date because we were out with a group of missionaries and pastors. So a real date night? Just the two of us? I honestly can't tell you the last time that had happened. Recently, we were staying in a missions house in the U. P. for about 5 days and the pastor of the church we were out offered to have his daughters watch ours so we could go out. My first thought was, "And do what?" I hadn't seen much of the town we were in but I knew it was pretty small. Never-the-less, we decided to take him up on it. We ended up having a really nice time. First we went to the Three Seasons Cafe. The hubs got "Broasted" chicken which was really good and that we later found out was a middle eastern thing. Go figure. I got a cheese steak sandwich. Told ya I liked 'em!
After that we drove over to a little stretch of Lake Michigan beach that also sported a lighthouse that you could walk out to. At this point I was glad that we were solo as I would not have enjoyed walking out there for fear that my daughter would fall off the edge!
The weather was beautiful, if a bit cool for July, so I was wearing the $2.15 Old Navy shirt that I had gotten from Goodwill the week before. Every Goodwill should have a daily half price color! But I digress. Although the lighthouse looks really far away, it actually wasn't that far so we walked all the way out to it. The wall was lined with rocks on either side and turned at a right angle to help make a marina. 
It was neat because occasionally the waves would be a little bigger and would make a big splash against the rocks sending up a really pretty spray. Not enough to give us more than a mist if we stayed on the far side. My husband had a good time trying to predict when a big wave would come. I tried to be artsy with the camera. I don't think I will ever be that good at photography but I did think this one was pretty cool!
After our walk we went to the nicest grocery store in town and picked out some dessert. We started doing this after we got married when we realized that we could get just as nice of a dessert from the Publix bakery for half the price of the restaurant dessert which we were never hungry for just after dinner anyways. Then we took it home and shared it with our daughter while we all watched a movie. I'm glad we were able to go out alone as I don't see us getting in more than one or two more dates before our next baby comes. Do you date your spouse? Do you think date nights are important?

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  1. My husband and I try to go on one date a week. We alternate for budget purposes on going out one week and then making a nice dinner at home the next. I hope when our son comes we can continue to date as we think it is vital to our marriage to strengthen our relationship. Thanks for sharing!


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