Thursday, August 30, 2012

Glitter Tip Nails

Another appropriate title for this post would be: I could never be a hand model! See evidence below!
I don't consider myself to be high maintenance, but I have recently rediscovered nail polish on my finger nails. I always have my toe nails painted (who doesn't?) but for a long time I worked jobs where I either couldn't paint my nails or where painting them was pointless. As a stay at home mom I still do plenty of house work that chips away at my pretty paint, but my polish will still last for more than a few hours now so I consider it worth it. 
I can't seem to go to Wal-mart or Target without checking out their nail polish section and my most recent acquirements were the two pretty pinks below. Together they cost me around $3. I have been rebuilding my collection of polishes because some of them had to be at least 10 years old!
To achieve this look I started with two coats of Wet Wild Fast Dry - How I Met Your Magenta - and it really does dry fast. Work quickly. For the tips I free handed the glitter which was Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Sparked. The easiest way for me to get a straight line is to do short downward strokes rather than trying to go straight across the nail. Also, glitter polish is a little more forgiving, your line does not have to be perfect to still look good. After the first layer of glitter dried I gingerly went over it a second time to make it a little denser. I finished that off with a clear top coat. 
 Now for the hand modeling hilarity! At first I tried to do the "hold the bottle" pose I'd seen all over Pinterest. In my opinion it makes my hand look like a claw! Not attractive!
Then I tried it with out the bottle. Bad idea! I am NOT double jointed. I think if Wet n Wild saw this one they might ask me to take it down, bad for business!

If you thought you couldn't do French tips to yourself, think again! Just try it with glitter!

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