Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fearless - Book Review

Here is another Blogging For Books review. For this round I decided to pick something entirely different for me. I really like to read books about things that I don't know anything about. I love learning about new subjects and the lives of Navy Seals is certainly ground that I've never covered!

Overview: This book tells the amazing life story of a man named Adam Brown who battled more than just the Taliban. In the midst of it all he found Christ and that is what saw him through. Adam grew up in Arkansas and wanted to do nothing but play for his older brother's high school football team. He wasn't a star but he did his best. He also was just an all around good kid, until after high school that is. After graduation he fell into the wrong crowd and ended up a drug addict, putting his family and friends in danger and ultimately himself in jail. After serving his time he went through several attempts at rehab but always failed, until he met his future wife. After meeting her he still had slip ups with the drugs but he had finally turned a corner. Through a series of small miracles he actually was able to enter the Navy on the tract to become a Seal and was able to put drugs behind him for good. The rest of the book follows Adam through his amazing accomplishments as a Navy Seal despite numerous injuries that would have sidelined other men, and an account of the battle in which he ultimately gave his life for his country.

Pros: I learned a lot about the military that I was not aware of by reading this book. I also got a different perspective of the lives of military wives and children and gained an even greater respect for them. And, not that I ever doubted it, but reading accounts from the "War on Terror" strengthened my conviction on the necessity of it. Also, this book is a real testament to what someone with a real faith in God can be capable of, and of God's grace to see them through.

Cons: Adam's life was not pretty. This is not a book for children. Adam's family wanted his story to be told without reserve in hopes that it could help others. That being said it covers alcohol, heavy drug use, profanity (in some of his correspondence), and violence on and off the battlefield.

Conclusion: I enjoyed reading this and I would recommend that every American Christian read this book or one like it. Our Military deserves to be revered and respected for what they do for our country and we need to be remember why they must do it.

You can find out more about "Fearless" here.

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